What are Textiful message credits?

Textiful Credits are used for each outgoing automated text message that is sent. An outgoing text is considered any text that is sent to an individual's phone. 

This includes the messages that are sent to individuals when collecting email addresses through your campaigns. It also applies to each broadcast message that is sent.

Every message will cost at least one credit depending on the size of your message. Because every message is sent in segments of 160 characters, any text above that will cost an additional credit and again if the message goes above an additional 160 characters.

All messages with an image are 2 credits. When you send an image you send an MMS type of message which has a larger character limit of 1600.

For example, if you have a campaign where you send a broadcast message to 25 individuals, it would cost 25 credits. If your message is above 160 characters, it will cost 50 credits and if it’s above 320 characters, it will cost 75 credits.

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