Adding Actions & Integrations to a campaign

When creating a campaign, you can add as many actions or integrations as you want. Integrate with Zapier, for example, to receive Slack notifications or automatically add audience members to a broadcast text list of your choice. The opportunities are endless!

Note: If you aren't collecting an email address in your campaign, the Email Platform Integrations and the Send Audience an Auto-Response Email options will not be available. Add a message to collect the email address from your audience by clicking Add Data Capture Message and selecting Email Address.

To Add an Action or an Integration: 

1. Click Add Actions & Integration.

2. Select one or more action you want to trigger once a user completes the message flow.

Email Platform Integrations

Select your Email Marketing Platform to get detailed instructions.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects Textiful with your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack and so many more. Add Zapier to perform additional actions when someone completes your campaign.

Add to Broadcast Text List

When you create a campaign, you can add your audience members to a text list or your choice or create a new one. A text list is a saved list of recipients you can text repeatedly without having to select each audience member each time. Learn more about creating a text list

  • Select one or more text list or click Create a new text list.
  • Click Update & Save

Send an Audience an Auto-Response Email

Auto-response emails will be sent as soon as your contact finishes the campaign. This action is perfect for delivering content to your audience instantly and automatically. The email can have one attachment.

For more information view the sending an auto-response email article.

Send me a Notification Email

By default, your email address is already set to receive an email notification. 

  • You can replace the existing email or add additional ones using a comma to separate each one.  
  • Click Update & Save. 

Register Use for GoToWebinar Event

1. Click Click here to allow Textiful to add emails to GoToWebinar.

2. Enter your email address and click Next

3. Enter your password and click Sign in

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