What makes a good keyword?

So what makes a good keyword? Here are the tips we've learned:

Make it easy to tell + easy to remember:
Would a stranger remember your keyword 5 minutes after hearing it? Could you read your keyword on a flyer after taking 5 steps back? The shorter, the better: SWIMWEARBYSHANNON (Cold...) → SWIMWEAR (Getting warmer...) → SWIM (Hot, hot, hot!)

Brand it!
Although some keyword are easy to remember, they might also miss the opportunity to connect your audience with your brand. Does your keyword reflect your organization name, main purpose or goal?

Forgo the special characters: 
Special characters force your audience to search deep within their phone's keyboard. (Seriously, try it for yourself.) Keep it simple; leave the special characters out.

Beware the autocorrect: 
Autocorrect can be your worst enemy sometimes! Don't you hate it when ACME magically transforms into ACNE? Learn more about battling autocorrect when creating keywords.

Keywords are not case sensitive. Your audience can use any combination of upper and lower case letters when texting your keyword. BUZZ, Buzz, buzz, bUzz would all work!

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