How do I text enable my existing landline?

Text enabling an existing landline ca be crucial to local retailers, salons, churches, restaurants and other businesses where keeping their local phone number is important. With Textiful, you can send and receive text messages on your existing local or toll free landline number.

How does this work?
When it comes to texting, most people think of their mobile device. Since their number can be used to make phone calls and send texts, they assume the 2 are linked together. But the truth is that the voice and text networks for landline numbers are managed independently. This means that the landline itself does not receive the text, but rather the phone number receives the text. The number acts as a routing address that leads to two different destinations.

Voice calls are still sent to the landline phone, but text messages are routed to the Textiful platform.

To Get Started: 

Send an email to to start the application process. We will ask a few basic questions and send you the required paperwork. It generally takes 1 - 2 business days to text enable your existing phone number.

  • Do I need to switch to a new phone provider?
    Nope! We can route text messages to the Textiful platform without changing your current phone provider.
  • Will this increase the cost of my phone bill?
    Not at all! Textiful is an add-on to any existing non-wireless phone number so there is no impact to your current voice bill.
  • Can I use my cell phone number or Google Voice number?
    Unfortunately, no. We can only text enable existing landlines & toll-free numbers.

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