Customizing your ActiveCampaign integration

Integrate with ActiveCampaign to add collected emails to your campaign automations!

After integrating ActiveCampaign with Textiful, you can sync your data and add collected emails to your ActiveCampaign Automations.

Integrating with ActiveCampaign: 

1. Authorize the Textiful integration with ActivateCampaign

2. Click the ActivateCampaign action in the campaign editor

3. Select the ActiveCampaign list where you want to add the collected emails to.

4. [Optional] Add the ActiveCampaign tags you want to add to the collected emails.

5. [Optional] Select which ActiveCampaign automations you want to add the collected emails to.

6. [Optional] Sync additional Data to ActiveCampaign

You can sync additional data that is collected in your campaign to ActiveCampaign using the data map option.

  • Click Add Data Mapping to sync collected data to an ActiveCampaign field.
  • Select the Textiful field and where it maps to in ActiveCampaign.

7. Click Update & Save once you've added all of your data mapping.

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