Importing Contacts

You can now import a large number of contacts to your Textiful account with just a few clicks!

To import contacts:

1. Click Audience in the left menu. 

2. Click the Import Contacts button.

3. Click Browse to select and import the file with your contact list.

4. Check the boxes to confirm the following: 

  • I attest that each of these mobile numbers have provided consent to receive text messages from my organization in compliance with the Textiful Terms of Service.
  • I understand that sending unsolicited text messages to numbers that have not opted-in is considered SPAM. Doing so may result in the termination of my services as outlined in the Textiful Anti-Spam Policy.

5. Click Import List.

6. Identify which column you want to import from your file by selecting the appropriate data type for each column. 

7. (Optional) Select the text lists you would like to add the contacts to after the import. 

8. Click Finish Import at the bottom of the page. 

Once the import has started, a summary will be displayed with the number of valid numbers that were imported.

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