Create a data capture Keyword Campaign

Keyword campaigns are how your audience is going to interact with your organization using text message. You can use keywords to capture email addresses to grow your email list or first name for personalization purposes or use them to send auto-response messages or direct your audience to a particular website or event page.

Keywords are a great way to start growing your text list as well for sending text marketing messages.

Step 1 | Creating a Keyword Campaign

1. Click the Create Campaign button. 

2. Click Create a Blank Campaign to start a campaign from scratch.

3. Click Create Campaign & Customize. 

Step 2 | Adding Keywords

1. Click Add Keyword. 

2. Enter a Keyword. Keywords are what customers will text to a specific phone number to start capturing data or to join your text lists. You can enter multiple keywords per campaign. For example, if you want to use different key-phrases your audience will text or different phone number to join the same campaign.

3. Select the phone number people should text your keyword to? The first phone number, the one we recommend, is a short code. This is a 5 digit number which is easier for your audience to remember and to type. You can also link your keyword to a local number.

4. Click Create Keyword.

Step 3 | Add a Data Capture Message

Keyword Campaigns can be used to capture data from your audience using text messages. The Data Capture Messages will determine the information you are collecting from your audience.

  1. Click the "Add Data Capture Message" button
  2. Select the data type you would like to collect from your audience
  3. Edit the message to fit your brand. Be sure to include instructions to your audience to reply with the data you are looking to collect. For example, "reply with your email address".
  4. Repeat until you've added all the data type you wish to collect from your audience.

As you start editing existing messages and adding new ones to your campaign, a preview will appear on the right side of your screen. 

Step 4 | Adding Actions & Integrations

You can add your audience member to a Textiful text list or you can select an action to trigger once an individual has completed the message flow.

1. Click Add Audience Member to Text List. If you add members to a text list, you need to be clear in your message: let your audience know they will be joining your email list and your text list.

  • Select a text list or create a new one. 
  • Click Update & Save.

2. Select an action you want to trigger.

  • Email Platform Integrations
  • Zapier Integration
  • Send to Broadcast Text List
  • Send Audience an Auto-Response Email
  • Register User for GoToWebinar Event

Step 5 | Adding a Drip Message

Once an individual has finished enrollment, you can send one or more automatic follow-up message either that same day or at a later time.

1. Click Add Drip Message. 

2. Select when you want to send your message. 

3. Customize your message.

4. Click Update & Save. 

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