Create a Keyword Campaign using a Starter Recipe

Campaign recipes are pre-built templates that will help you achieve common goals, like building your email list, polling your audience, and more. We've developed starter campaigns for a variety of industries.

When you select a campaign recipe, your campaign will be pre-populated with data capture messages & actions that you can edit.

Create your campaign using a Starter Recipe from the New Campaign page

Step 1 | Creating a Keyword Campaign

1. Click the Create Campaign button. 

2. Click Use a Campaign Starter Recipe to use one of the pre-defined campaigns to get started quickly. You can fully customize the campaign once it's created with our visual campaign builder. 

3. Select a Starter Recipe.

4. Click Create Campaign & Customize. 

Step 2 | Adding Keywords

1. Click Add Keyword. 

2. Enter a Keyword. Keywords are what customers will text to a specific phone number to start capturing data or to join your text lists. You can enter multiple keywords per campaign. For example, if you want to use different key-phrases your audience will text or different phone number to join the same campaign.

3. Select the phone number people should text your keyword to? The 5 digit phone number is a short code, which we recommend using because it makes it easier for your audience to remember and to type. You can also link your keyword to a local number.

4. Click Create Keyword.

Step 3 | Adding a Data Capture Message

This is where you can customize the messaging used to capture information from your audience. You can remove a message or add additional ones to capture more data. 

1. (Optional) Reorder the messages using the Up and Down arrow next to a message box.

2. Select a message to edit by clicking on the message.

3. Customize the message you want to send to your audience.

4. Customize the follow-up message to send to non-responders. This is an automatic reminder to individuals who might have forgotten to answer a specific question. You can click the Send a follow-up text message to non-responders toggle to disable this feature. 

  • Select when to send your reminder message. 
  • Customize your reminder message.
  • Click Update & Save.

5. Repeat Step 2 - Step 4 to customize your second message. Since you have already started capturing some data, you might want to add some personalization to your message.

6. Click the Final Text Message to edit the message your audience will receive once they have completed the process. 

  • Click Update & Save. 

A preview of how your messages will appear on the right side of your screen. 

Step 4 | Adding an Action

You can add your audience member to a general Textiful text or you can select a action to trigger once an individual has completed the message flow.

1. Click Add Audience Member to Text List. If you add members to a text list, you need to be clear in your message. For example, you want to tell your audience they will be joining your email list and joining your text list.

  • Select the text list you want to add the member to or create a new one.
  • Click Update & Save.

2. (Optional) Click Add Actions & Integrations to add additional actions.

Step 5 | Adding a Drip Message

Once an individual has finished enrollment, you can send one or more automatic follow-up message either that same day or at a later time.

1. Click Add Drip Message. 

2. Select when you want to send your message. 

3. Customize your message.

4. Click Update & Save.

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