What is a campaign?

Campaigns are fully customizable automated text messages and actions that are triggered when someone texts your keyword.

Campaigns can be used to capture data like email addresses and automatically grow your email list. They can send auto-response text messages and deliver a link to your website or a special coupon.

Campaigns consist of 4 sections:


Keywords are how your audience starts the campaign. When they text your keyword to the assigned phone number, it will trigger the first message of the campaign to be sent to

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Data Capture Messages

Data capture messages are the automatic text replies your audience will get when texting your keyword. They will ask your audience for specific data - like an email address. Your audience will reply with their information and the information will be captured. Use them to collect email addresses, first names and more!

Not looking to capture data? No problem!
Create an auto-response campaign

Actions & Integrations

Actions occur after your audience has completed the data capture messages section of the campaign.

Actions can be used to sync collected emails to your email marketing platform, grow your texting list, send an auto-response email and more!

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Drip Messages

Drip messages are automatic follow-up messages that are sent once your audience has completed the Data Capture Messages of the campaign.

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