Keyword FAQ

Are keywords case sensitive?

Nope! It's industry standard to show them in all caps when printed - e.g. ACME. 

However, your audience can use any combination of upper and lower case letters when texting your keyword. ACME, Acme, acme, aCme would all work!

How much do keywords cost?

The cost of a keyword will depend on your plan and whether it's assigned to a 5-digit short code number.

  • All accounts include one keyword on a 10-digit number for free. 
  • All subscription plans include 2 or more keywords on a 5-digit number at no additional cost.

Can I add a keyword to an existing campaign?

Yes! In fact, you can add as many keywords as you want to an existing campaign. When you are assigning a new keyword, use the "existing campaign" option.

What happens if someone texts my keyword more than once?

By default they restart the campaign message flow. You can prevent multiple enrollments from the same number by editing the campaign options.

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