Creating a new keyword

Create specific keywords for each one of your campaigns. Create a keyword to represent your brand or create a keyword to add to a presentation or mention during your next event. No matter how you will use your keyword, it's a call to action to engage with your audience.

To Create a Keyword:

1. From the Text to Join Campaigns tab, click the Create Keyword button.

2. Enter a new keyword. This is the word or phrase your audience will text to start the data capture process.

3. Select the phone number members should text your keyword to and click Create Keyword. 

4. Assign your keyword to a messaging campaign by selecting one of the following options:

  • Create a Blank Campaign: To start a campaign from scratch.
    • Click Create Campaign & Customize.
  • Use a Campaign Starter Recipe: To use one of the pre-defined campaign starter recipe
    • Select a starter recipe or click View All Recipes to see the full list of recipes.
    • Click Create Campaign & Customize.
  • Assign to an Existing Campaign: To add your keyword to an existing campaign.
    • Select your existing campaign and click Assign Keyword to Campaign.

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