Zapier Action: Opt-In Contact

Use Zapier to opt-in a new contact to your Textiful account. This allows the contact to receive text messages from your organization in the future.

Video Tutorial
This video will walk you through how to add the Opt-In a Contact action to a Zap.

Opt-In a New Contact + Send a Message
If you are looking to add a new contact and send a confirmation message to them in a single step, use the Zapier Action: Send Text Message to Single Contact.

To set up a Opt-In Contact action in Zapier: 
1. Log into your Zapier account.

2. Click Make a Zap in the top left corner of the page. 3. Add a new Action to your Zap.

4. Search for or select Textiful under Choose App & Event and click Continue.

5. Select the Opt-In a New Contact option

6. Select your Textiful account and click Continue. You may be asked to login to Textiful if you haven't already and a pop-up may appear, prompting you to authorize Zapier to connect to the app.

7. Customize the Opt-In Request Message and Mobile Number.

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