Zapier Action: Send Text Message to Single Contact

Use Zapier to send an automated text message to an existing or new contact. You can use this action to get an opt-in from a new contact, create a contact profile in Textiful and send a text message in a single Zapier step.

Video Tutorial
This video will walk you through how to add the Send Text Message to a Single Contact action to a Zap.

To set up a Send Text Message to a Single Contact action in Zapier: 
1. Log into your Zapier account.

2. Click Make a Zap in the top left corner of the page. 3. Add a new Action to your Zap.

4. Search for or select Textiful under Choose App & Event and click Continue.

5. Select the Opt-In a New Contact option

6. Select your Textiful account and click Continue. You may be asked to login to Textiful if you haven't already and a pop-up may appear, prompting you to authorize Zapier to connect to the app.

7. Customize the Mobile Number, Opt-In Request Message, Organization Name & the Text Message to Send.

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