Adding a Drip message to a text campaign

Drip messages are timed messages that are sent when a user completes a campaign. They can be delayed to be sent the same day or at at a specific time on a later date.

Drip messages are great for creating "text courses" where an audience member will receive a certain number of text messages spread out over a given amount of time. For example, a "5 ideas in 5 days" text course.

Please note: Drip Messages are only available on campaigns associated with 10-digit numbers. They are not available for 5-digit number campaigns due to phone carrier policies.

To add a Drip message:

1. After creating your campaign, click Add Drip Message at the bottom of the page.

2. Select when you want to send your message:

  • Send this message the same day
  • Send this message one or more days later

3. Customize your Drip message. Learn more about adding some personalization to your message.

4. Click Update & Save.

5. Repeat the steps above to add other Drip messages.

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